The Outro- SIP NIP

Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Ashgedom was truly “1 of 1.” When I discovered that his East African birth name meant sent by God, “That’s How I Knew” that this young king, raised off of “Crenshaw and Slauson,” was one in “A Million.” He was truly a gift born to “Face The World.”   

 “The Last Time That I Checc’d,” Nipsey had put in close to two decades of work, which exemplified his “Dedication” to his craft. If his story of repeatedly pushing past personal setbacks and failed label deals doesn’t make you want to “Hussle & Motivate” for yourself and others, I don’t know what could. Nipsey bossed up in the game but he didn’t sell out, abandon his people, break code, fold, switch up or quit. He didn’t “Change Nothing,” because he knew he had to “Stay Loyal” to his grind in order to be a “Status Symbol” for his hood and give them the blueprint for how a “Real N***a Moves.” You can tell by what he accomplished in his brief life that he was nothing like these other “Rap N***as.” He was solid with a serious work ethic that consisted of a “7 Days a Week,” get up at “4 in the Mornin’ and  “Don’t Take Days Off” mentality. He moved with a sense of urgency because he had a message to deliver to his people, which was to think “Real Big” and execute on making a “Million While You Young.” He stayed woke, worked woke and wanted to wake up other people.

 “Overtime,” those “Late Nights and Early Mornings” paid off. Instead of just “Dreamin” he stayed in “Grindmode” and became “Young Rich and Famous.” Whenever I saw music videos of him riding around with the “Top Down” mashing the gas on the V12 with the “Racks In The Middle” on the “Road to Riches” with “Ocean Views” in the background, my desires got more ambitious. Knowing that he earned his lifestyle through strategic planning and keeping it “One Hunnit,” seeing him win was a victory for hip-hop. Because Nipsey was “Forever on Some Fly Shit,” he kept inspiring me to want to “Double Up” on my hustle even though I’ve been “Grinding All My Life.” “Right Hand 2 God,” I will be one of Nipsey’s supporters that will continue to uphold his beautiful legacy through bettering my community and self.

Since “The Weather” turned dark in our hearts on March 31, 2019, I have thanked God for allowing me to have crossed paths with the Malcolm X/Tupac of our generation and someone that always showed “Love.” I also loved how he and Lauren seemed to have had that just “Between Us” type of relationship versus the “Checc Me Out” kind that is promulgated on social media. My soul cried for her and their family, friends and Day 1 team members as I’m sure in the immediate aftermath they asked, “Who Detached Us.”

Your passing left the world “Shell Shocked.” We all thought you would “Be Here For A While,” however you even rhymed that it was “A Miracle” you were still standing based on the savageness of the streets you came from. Nobody can tell me that you weren’t a Godly prophet. And God wanted you to “Come Over” to the other side since you masterfully completed your missionary work here on earth. You have evolved from that of a superior servant into a superior saint. To those of us that consumed, dissected and appreciated your art and pure heart, we all thought you were “Mr. Untouchable.” Your traumatic death has been challenging to process because not only were you finally receiving the rightful recognition your talents deserved, but I’m sure you were “More or Less” earning “A Hunnit A Show.” You talked about how you liked to “Count Up That Loot” but not for selfish reasons; you actually invested your earnings back into your community. You diligently and sacrificially planted seeds in your hood so that the roses would eventually overtake the concrete for the benefit of generations to come. Because of you, so many kids will never know the streets that took you.

Nipsey relished in “Fly Crippin” to the fullest but he also wanted his people to “All Get Right” and collectively step into their greatness. He was the hood’s hope, a unifier with a unique perspective on issues that plagued his people and he spoke on it with an unfiltered voice. He never preached but rather he expressed his truth and encouraged you to run the race alongside him; always by choice and never by force. He was a provider, a protector, a truth teller and always one who sought the highest form of truth. Hussle man taught us how to hustle man. Even though “Bullets Ain’t Got No Name,” there were reportedly six that had our “Crenshaw Blvd” king’s name on them. I’m sorry you didn’t remain “Succa Proof” as the cowardly act of an evil and vile “Killer” halted your secular assignment. But for those of us who are rooted in God we know that your Divine calling has just begun. Your enemies didn’t win because even in death, they can’t silence you; and if they didn’t know, “The Know” now.

Nipsey not only has the “Keys 2 the City” but he also has on “The Crown” of life, which transcends death. He might be saying to us now that, “U Don’t Got a Clue” of how marvelous this peace I’m experiencing is and “I Don’t Stress” about things like having a “Mac 11 on the Dresser.” I’m also sure he’s having the most intellectually stimulating conversations with the Ancestors dressed in some Dickies shorts and a white tee with “Blue Laces” in his blue chucks.

I pray for continued “Blessings” over his wife, children, family, friends, team and us Marathon runners. It would be comforting to think that he is looking down over everyone from “Tha Mansion” in the sky, but I truly believe he’s still got “10 Toes” down on earth just in the spiritual realm. As we prepare to “Run a Lap” or should I say laps in an effort to be agents of change through the spark his efforts ignited within us, we thank you king for creating and leaving us with “Victory Lap” as you have now taken yours. Job well and faithfully done. Mission accomplished.

Dear God, please have “Mercy” on our fallen warrior Nipsey and all of us still in “The Field” with “Question #1” on our minds - ‘how you die at 33 after banging all those years?’ “Hate It or Love It” I’m sure you have “No Regrets.” But I do ask for “Clarity” on why the honorable legends seem to die so young? But at the same time “I Don’t Give a Fucc” because I can’t make you reappear. One thing that I do know for sure and that is that you Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Ashgedom, one of the realest and “The Best” to ever do this, will go “Down as a Great.” Your light and legacy is “Bigger Than Life.” The Marathon Continues and you did it all without any smut on your rep. I had to write this “Outro” to pay my respect the best way I knew how. I appreciate you being exactly the person I knew you to be through your rhymes. Maybe if you weren’t so real you’d still be here but then again, that was never “The Hussle Way.”